Amazing Gifts We’re Getting for our Galentines (and ourselves)

Flowers, candles, jewelry – gifts for the ones we love on a day when all things heart-shaped rule. You know which day I’m talking about: Galentine’s Day. The fairly new tradition of women giving Valentine gifts to celebrate your BFF’s is the one we are absolutely here for.

Our ladies are the ones who champion us, comfort us, and make us laugh until our sides hurt, so we definitely need to show these queens we appreciate their presence in our lives. This Galentine’s Day, let’s take a look through the love-inspired gift ideas for the ladies we adore (including ourselves) and let’s give those crowns an even brighter sparkle.

Heart Faux Fur Slippers

After a hard day conquering the world in a pair of kick-ass heels (most definitely sneakers), who wouldn’t want to slip her weary soles into these plush slippers from Victoria’s Secret? Unabashedly cute and flirty, they are an adorable way to treat your feet.

Kora Heart Wallet

We’ve all been there: trying to fit too much wallet into too little handbag. A few plastics and some cash is all we need, but we somehow end up with our old library card and fifty-four crumpled receipts along for the ride. This perfectly sized Loeffler Randall wallet is ideal for keeping it simple on your next girls’ night out.

Period Candle The Ritual

The Ritual by On Our Moon is an elegant reminder to slow down at this ancient sacred time and take care of ourselves. Making period a time when you can relax, replenish your spirits and nurture your soul.

Floral Oil Diffuser

Since the ability of essential oils to alter moods and help us reconnect with ourselves has to be experienced to believe, we can’t think of a more stylish way to do so than with this delicately designed Floral Oil Diffuser by Anthropologie.

Salt by Hendrix Coco-Soak

Picture this – soft music playing, a glass of wine (or soda) waiting on the side, a good book open to your page, and a bath filled with steaming hot water and a generous helping of rose salt from Hendrix Coco-Soak, waiting to take your cares away. Take a moment – hey, take two – to indulge your senses and self in an environment just right for “luxuriating”.

Jasmine Body Oil

Perfume’s little sister comes with the added benefit of glowing skin. Our editors’ favorite Jasmine Body Oil leaves skin soft and supple, with a scent of florals trailing in its wake. What better way to shine?

Soul Sister Mug

A daily morning reminder that you’re a superstar. Covered in fun images and mantras, this Soul Sister mug is perfect for your work bestie. Try a matching pair, crowned in gold like you both should be.

Herstory: Women Who Changed the World

“Well-behaved women seldom make history” – well, that’s because they and their rebellious counterparts were busy making Herstory. This collection of biographies of the bad-ass ladies who have helped to shape our world sends a message to your friend that you deem them worthy of such exalted company. After all, maybe she’s the next herstory-maker in action.

Sweetheart Earrings

Some playful and eye-catching bling never went astray, especially in mid-February. Who says our girlfriends can’t be our sweethearts?

Lip Mask Set

Give yourself a Galentine’s kiss to remember with Kocostar Lip Mask, designed to soften and plump your pout. Whether you pucker up for air kisses with your ladies, a group-shot for the ‘gram, or something more sensual with someone special, your lips are guaranteed to rise to the occasion

Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool

We eat well, we exercise, we hydrate, but is there something we’re forgetting? The Gua Sha rose quartz facial lifting tool is a wonder that belies its small size. It massages and caresses facial muscles, smoothing away worries and wrinkles as it goes. And that’s a gift every Galentine can enjoy.

Bedtime Pajama Set

Wear your heart on your sleeve… and everywhere else! With some snuggly PJs like this Knit Bedtime Set, sweet dreams are guaranteed.

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