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Mom’s the word! Do you think crawling up the career ladder is pretty tough?
Well, imagine what it’s like being a mother! It’s a 24/7 job with no days off, very vague lunch breaks, limited free movement for the first couple of years and oh yeah, did I mention your boss doesn’t even speak your language? This is a CEO level role with constantly increasing responsibility. But hey, it’s the most rewarding and fulfilling job in the world! And the salary’s not bad if you accept sticky kisses and baby cuddles as currency…

And that’s being a mom. It’s a job that women (and men) all over the world take on, without fuss, day in and day out. For this, we should celebrate moms all year, if possible. If not, there’s Mother’s Day: a time to honor and appreciate those who raised us or are raising others. So rather than limiting your celebrations to only your own mom, why not spread the joy beyond your birth certificate!? Maybe you have a friend with children, or a sister raising a family. Maybe your mother figure was a grandmother, an aunty, a step-mother or a sister. Whoever the mothers are in your life, they deserve to be held up, applauded and rewarded with one of our gift ideas that say – you’re doing a great job, keep it up!

For a mother or grandmother – the ladies of legend!

They’ve been there all along, wiping your tears (among other things) and, quite plainly, keeping you alive since your cute but helpless beginnings.


Pandora stud earrings  – What is more fitting than the tree of life for the woman who gave you life? These classy and meaningful stud earrings from Pandora will help her shine as she deserves. You could grab yourself a matching pair as well, as a reminder of your lives being intertwined like the branches adorning these stylish pieces.

Grandma’s Kitchen Candle  – There’s nothing quite as evocative as a scent from the past. These candles have captured the sense of being warm, safe and happy in Grandma’s kitchen. For mom, it’ll take her back to when she was young. For grandma, it’s a testament to how she makes you feel.

Flowers with vase  – The classic! There’s a reason flowers have outlasted every other tradition when it comes to gifts. They are beautiful, they smell great, and they just make a room better by their presence – kinda like your mom!

For a friend, sister, cousin who is a mom  – the up-and-comers!

These are the ladies getting the hand-crayoned cards, the macaroni and glue posters, the glitter hearts for Mother’s Day. And though you’d never want to compete with these gifts, you can still let that mom know you think she’s crushing this motherhood gig!

Cooking in Color/ Unsplash

Godiva chocolates  – Another all-star, here’s a great way to tell her she’s ever-so-sweet with these decadent chocolates. I’d advise her to keep them hidden from the little cherubs that are the reason she’s getting them though, unless she wants to share!

Movie tickets  – Moms love to be with their kids, but when it comes to taking the kids to the movies, she’d be hard-pressed to see anything above a PG. So here’s the alternative: get them a sitter (or stand in yourself) and send mom, along with her companion of choice, to the movies. R ratings are most definitely allowed!

Amazon gift card  – Then again… maybe the very thing she’s been yearning for is out there, in some obscure section of the search engine results. That’s why gift cards were invented in the first place, right?

For those who may need a little bit of help  – single mothers!

So many moms out there have hit a rough patch or been dealt a tough hand, and are finding their way through while continuing to be a rock for their children. These charities are a way to try to ensure that every mom has a happy Mother’s Day this year.

Delfi De La Rua/ Unsplash

Fellowship Housing  – This organization aims to get single mothers “from homelessness to hope” by supporting single moms and their children who are facing a loss of living arrangements. They offer emotional, financial and physical guidance, as well as assistance in finding a place to call home.

Helping Hands for Single Moms  – Give the gift of education to low-income single mom families. This group provides scholarships, financial assistance, and support to single moms who are pursuing a college degree while raising their kids. It goes beyond that too, to help with the day-to-day admin that can get in the way of pursuing that goal.

Single Parent Advocate  – Open to all single parents, this organization provides support and aims to empower those who come to them. Regularly donating school supplies and personal items, they offer dignity and direction to single parents across the US.

Who runs the world? Moms. There’s a reason that Mother’s Day sees the highest phone traffic of any day of the year. We may not always be able to be with them on the day, but we can let them know we care through any number of ways. A card, a gift, even just that phone call; what matters is that they feel remembered, respected and recognized.

After all, Mother’s Day is once a year, but they’re a mother for 365 of them.

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