Pinterest-Worth Christmas Desserts

christmas desserts

Cookies for Santa, cream tarts, cupcakes, and Christmas cakes. Our newsfeeds are beaming with all kinds of Christmas-themed goodness right now, and we can’t wait to make some of these Pinterest-worth desserts ourselves! The problem is, there is always an “Expectation vs Reality” risk involved. So we’ve rounded up some tried and true recipes that are perfect to make ahead if you want to wow your guests and your IG friends! But, in case you’re more of a last-minute kind of girl, scroll down to #6 and enjoy this last-minute dessert right away!

Banana Coconut Cream Tarts

Eating any dessert in miniature is guaranteed to make it taste that much better. Combining crispy little shells filled with cream and bananas is a decadent combination. Drizzle them with honey, and they’ll look like they came from a pastry shop instead of your kitchen. Get the recipe here.

christmas desserts

Apple Cardamon Babka

Ditch the traditional chocolate babka in favor of the holiday flavors of apple and cinnamon that are reminiscent of glasses of mulled cider. Make the dough in advance to save some time and then bake it the day of. The braided loaf is rustic but sprinkling it with Swedish pearl sugar makes it a little more elegant. Get the recipe here.

christmas desserts

Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

There’s never a wrong time to serve a cookie, but these peppermint infused crinkle cookies are more festive than usual. Candy canes provide a refreshing minty crunch inside a decadently warm chocolate cookie. Sprinkle a little powder sugar on, and you’ll feel like you’re surrounded by a snowy wonderland as you enjoy them. Get the recipe here.

christmas desserts

Thumbprint Cookies

It’s time to kick off the holidays with a cookie baking party! These pistachio and raspberry cookies have the perfect touch of red and green to bring you some Christmas spirit. Drizzle them with icing, and they’ll be the star of your cookie exchange or any party. Get the recipe here.

christmas desserts

Rudolph Marshmellow Cookies

Rudolph has made his appearance in the kitchen! These just might be the cutest cookies you’ll ever make. Pipe marshmallow onto light vanilla cookies and dip them in chocolate and, voila, you’ve got the perfect mini reindeer! Get the recipe here.

christmas desserts

# 6 – Hot Chocolate

Warm up the decadently rich and luxurious hot chocolate. After a cold day of sledding or skating, curl up by the fire and toss on some marshmallows or dip a candy cane. There are gluten-free and vegan versions so all your friends can customize and enjoy together. Get the recipes here.

sugar cookie hot chocolate


Even though it may be cold outside, there are so many ways to warm up and enjoy the holidays with your nearest and dearest. Try out any of these easy Christmas desserts that are sure to become new favorites everyone will be waiting to enjoy again and again.

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