How To Improve Your Skin While Sleeping

Daytime routine accounts for only half the results when it comes to skin. The other half is determined by how we sleep. Sleep skin repair is an essential part of the skincare routine. And depending on sleep quality, you can dramatically improve your skin while sleeping. Sleep and skin rejuvenation do affect waking up refreshed and preventing premature skin aging. By a little tweak and minimum investment, you can drastically change the way your skin feels and looks every morning. So here are the top 6 habits to make for a healthy looking skin.

Improve Your Skin While Sleeping In A Fresh-Aired, Cooled Room

It’s ideal to sleep with fresh air flowing in, but just opening the window 1-2 hours before sleep will make a huge difference. Cooler air temperatures reduce pores and puffiness. It may feel uncomfortable to sleep in a cool room, but if you reduce air temperature from 72 to 62 degrees gradually over a couple of weeks – the body will adjust and you’ll get to sleep deeper too.

Have Dinner At Least 2-3 Hours Before Sleep

This one is a no-brainer, but we often don’t think about how dinner affects our sleep and our mornings. The earlier in the evening you eat your last meal or snack – the better you feel (and look) in the morning. Not only the timing plays a major role – so does the type and amount of food we eat. It doesn’t make sense to eat junk food or overindulge in even the healthiest of snacks for at least a couple of hour before going to sleep (if ever). You want your body to take a rest and rejuvenate while sleeping, instead of working hard to digest that food and release the toxins into the skin, causing tired and dull mornings. Fresh skin-approved dinner is a healthy protein with greens eaten a couple of hours before going to sleep. Avoid spicy, pickled, sweet foods as well as caffeine and heavy alcohol.

Improve Your Skin While Sleeping By Turning Off All The Lights

Our skin is genetically programmed to switch to recovery mode in complete darkness. Melanin, the hormone that body produces, helps us sleep deeper and recover faster, is activated when in complete darkness. So make sure to reduce all the light sources to the minimum – device screens included.

Rethink Your Night Time Skincare Routine

With numerous night time skincare products available such as toners, night creams, serums, and sleeping masks, it’s almost unimaginable to go to sleep bare faced. The truth is those night time products are not right for everyone. As it turns out, our skin is capable of restoring itself during sleep without the help of night time skincare products. Usually, when we apply night time skin products, pores get clogged causing skin to sweat and increase redness and breakouts. We don’t want that. The best practice is to wash face with warm water and face wash free of chemicals. Pat dry with a tissue or soft towel. Optionally, use a clean toner spray over your face and go to bed. We want the skin to breathe and rejuvenate itself.

Get Dirty Hair Away From Your Face

One of the top reasons for skin redness, sensitivity and breakouts is sleeping with dirty hair. Throughout the day, our hair and the sticky hair products we’ve applied collect all the dust and germs you’re exposed to. When sleeping, the facial skin is exposed to that hair, and the face gets all greasy, irritated and sensitive. To prevent this from happening, you should either wash your hair every day before bed or keep it in a loose ponytail (if it’s long enough). Just make sure to not get the ponytail too tight.

Improve Your Skin While Sleeping By Avoiding Synthetic Bedlinen

Same as the hair, the pillow should be clean to prevent any unwanted dirt in our faces. Surprisingly, many of us sleep on pillowcases made of polyester or similar synthetic materials, which is less than satisfactory. Even though soft to touch and pretty in colors, polyester does not absorb sweat and does not breathe causing skin rashes and allergies. It’s best to use pillowcases made of natural materials like cotton, silk, and bamboo.

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