Am I Doing Enough To Reduce My Acne?

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Have you ever found yourself standing in a Skincare aisle at your local department store, feeling like you are fighting a never-ending battle? Whatever we do seem just not enough and more and more obstacles keep coming on our way to the perfectly glowing radiant skin. I’m sure you’ve probably surfed the web (and those aisles) gazillion times already, searching for that magic pill solution to battle your skin imperfections. 

I don’t want to deceive you by empty promises, as I am sure you’ve been deceived by numerous bottles and tubes you’ve used in past. But if you are wondering if you were doing enough to reduce your acne, here is the checklist that might help you cross-check and (maybe) find a new idea to try out.


Learn Your Triggers

This is always the first step to improving any condition. If you know that dairy, strawberries, chocolate, soda, or anything else cause your acne to flare up, eliminate or moderate your intake. 


Visit a Dermatologist

If you are suffering from acne, the best thing to do is to seek medical help.  Ask your dermatologist which products they recommend for you. This is the only way to get a personalized and professional diagnosis for your skin. Some people spend thousands of dollars on fads, fancy creams, and more, yet neglect to see a doctor. Only a dermatologist can recommend what is best for your specific skin.   


Don’t forget about your Vitamins

While we can take pills to get our vitamins, the best option is to get your vitamins from food. Of course, you should avoid or reduce your intake of the vitamin-filled foods that cause your acne to flare up.


Eat healthy and stay hydrated

Keeping a healthy diet is the best thing you can do to help your acne, aside from visiting a dermatologist and buying skin care products specific to your skin condition. This means enough of water, and our ever-faithful fruits and veggies. Remember, the current status of the relationship between diet and acne is not clear and under debate. Therefore, let’s not fret about the occasional sweet snack. I love a good Belgian waffle! I’m talking about the traditional waffle made from pearl sugar and tastes like cake. Whole Foods tends to sell them in the imported package from Belgium if you’re interested. 


Don’t Stress About It

If you worry about your acne, you’re likely to create more problems, and possibly cause further break-outs. A great thing to do is take it easy on yourself. Yes, we’re battling acne, but every soldier needs her rest. Beauty sleep is real!


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