Cauliflower Recipe – Hash Browns

cauliflower recipe hash browns
cauliflower recipe hash browns

Cauliflower is a must-have staple in many homes. Its high fiber, Vitamin C, and antioxidants contents make it a healthy choice and definitely a superfood. It is capable of tricking our brains into eating healthy veggies by being disguised as our favorite junk food! It can be fried, baked, mashed, and much more. Because this cauliflower recipe is low in carbs, you don’t have to feel guilty about eating this delicious treat!

Low Carb Cauliflower Hash Brown

Yield: 3

Low Carb Cauliflower Hash Brown


  • Cauliflower - 1 head
  • Eggs - 3
  • Onion - 1/2
  • Salt - 1 tsp
  • Butter 1 stick (4 oz)
  • Salt, pepper


  1. Cut and grate or grind cauliflower to get it riced
  2. Mix riced cauliflower with all the ingredients aside for 5–10 minutes.
  3. Melt half a stick of butter or on medium heat in a large pan.
  4. Place scoops of the grated cauliflower mixture in the frying pan and flatten them carefully until they measure about 3–4 inches in diameter.
  5. Fry for 4–5 minutes on each side. Lower the heat halfway through frying each side.

The best thing about using cauliflower as a substitute is that you can’t even taste the difference! This is a great idea for picky little eaters who don’t particularly care for vegetables (and maybe their parents who won’t admit it)! You could even make smiley faces out of these to make them even more fun!

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