Top Romantic (and Cheesy) Holiday Movies

romantic holiday movies

The holidays are upon us, and there’s no better time to stay inside where it’s warm and cozy to indulge in some romantic holiday movies. There’s something about this time of year that’s perfect for romance, even if it’s cheesy or predictable and you’ve seen it all before. So many new movies this year are perfect for curling up with a mug of tea or hot chocolate and enjoying, along with some classics to experience again as the snow falls outside.

1. The Holiday Calendar

romantic holiday movies

A struggling photographer inherits an advent calendar that seems to have magical powers to predict the future. Follow Abby in her search for answers not only in life but also in love. Many of us can relate to not knowing where we want our life to go, and it’d be great if life was as simple and magical as this film. Will she fall for the new guy or is her best guy friend the one for her?

2. Christmas Wedding Planner

romantic holiday movies

She’s a wedding planner who is organizing her cousin’s wedding when a handsome private investigator shows up and may just ruin everything. This sweet movie has a twist and a mystery to discover who hired him and why? Is her cousin’s fiancé trouble? You just know they’re going to fall in love, so come along for the ride.

3. This Christmas

romantic holiday movies

The holidays just aren’t the same without family, even if that brings some drama along with it. In this heartwarming movie, the family is all together, but things aren’t so cheery and bright. Some secrets and lies threaten to ruin Christmas and tear the family apart. Will they be able to trust each other and mend relationships? With an all-star cast of talented actors, this is a perfect holiday movie that’s not too sugary sweet.

4. The Spirit of Christmas

romantic holiday movies

Attorney Kate has the near impossible task of selling a haunted bed and breakfast just weeks before Christmas. But is there really a ghost haunting it? And what if that ghost is a handsome stranger who returns to life every year during the twelve days of Christmas? Can they solve the mystery of how he died and broke the curse? A classic holiday love story with a supernatural twist will have you thinking of ghosts in a whole new way!

5. The Christmas Contract

romantic holiday movies

Reunite with the cast of One Tree Hill in this charming Christmas story of a woman who doesn’t want to come home for the holidays and face her ex and his new girlfriend. Her best friend comes to the rescue and suggests taking her brother in the classic fake relationship twist. So they draw up a contract, and you just know they’ll end up falling in love by the end of it. But what could go wrong between now and then?

6. A Christmas Prince

romantic holiday movies

What girl hasn’t dreamed of meeting a real-life Prince and being swept off her feet? Writer Amber travels to a fictional country to do a story on the Prince and learns there’s more to him than meets the eye. Sappy and predictable in the same vein as The Princess Diaries and other real-girl-meets-prince movies, this one is set at Christmas and includes the cliched makeover scene that never gets old. There’s even a sequel that includes a Christmastime wedding.

7. 12 Dates of Christmas

romantic holiday movies

Similar to Groundhog Day, a young woman named Kate finds herself re-living a horrible Christmas Eve blind date. Although the premise may not be new, the story is quite funny and touching. Why does the day keep repeating itself? What is she meant to learn? Should she go back to her ex-boyfriend? Should she pursue the new guy? How will it all end? Watch and find out!

8. Christmas Inheritance

romantic holiday movies

Big city girl visits a small town and hates it but then falls in love. That’s this movie in a nutshell, but there’s so much more to it. She’s wealthy and about to inherit her father’s company. When she visits a small town, she can’t tell anyone who she is and begins to enjoy the anonymity and simplicity of small-town life. Learn what’s most important and capture the Christmas spirit all at once.

9. The Holiday

romantic holiday movies

Who wouldn’t want to escape all the problems in their life and go to a place where no one knows you? Live vicariously through the two characters who swap houses for the holidays. Both settings are so perfect and charming with a touch of both Hollywood glamour and cozy British charm. There’s unexpected love and warm bonds created between everyone in the film, wishing you could step through the screen and be friends with them too.

10. Love Actually

romantic holiday movies

This is a classic Christmas movie for a reason and still stands the test of time over a decade later. Eight different couples whose lives cross over the holidays and illustrate love in various ways. You’ll laugh and cry as you remember your favorite scenes or discover them for the first time if you’ve never seen it before. This is sure to be a holiday go-to that you’ll never want to end.

Take some time to yourself this holiday season to relax and recharge while enjoying a little romance in your life. With these romantic holiday movies, you know just what to expect and will always be ensured of a happy ending to put a smile on your face.

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