Spotify Playlists for Getting Things Done

Most of us strive on inspiration and caffeine when things need to be done. But there are the times when that extra cup of coffee just won’t do. If you’ve reached your caffeine limit for today, or just not feeling right, and the tasks are piling up with every second, there is music. Just see what each of these Spotify Playlists can do for you.

OST Movies/ Games

This empowering playlist gives a sense of utmost importance to any task being tackled, no matter how big or small. It includes soundtracks by such great composers asHans Zimmer (Interstellar, Pirates of the Caribbean), Danny Elfman (Spider-Man), James Horner (Titanic) and others.

Best for: working alone such as writing, coding, creating a strategy, or compiling a report.

Spotify Playlists

Startup Weekend (APAC)

This dynamic (and slightly celebratory) playlist brings fun and energy into work. You literally can’t sit still, fingers dance through the keyboard.

Best for: working with a team, creating art, editing photographs, group studying.

Spotify Playlists

Walk In Like You Own The Place

Ever feel like you could get more confidence before that meeting or a call? Listen to this and tell us how it went! The playlist features rappers like Eminem, Kanye West, Drake and others. Its sharp, and a bit aggressive vibe will give you that self-assurance you always knew you had in you!

Spotify Playlists


This playlist is rhythmic, yet light enough for a work playlist. It’s perfect for the end of the day, to finish that project and transfer into “fun” mood. I’ve tried both walking and working to this playlist, and it did amazing as a working background!

Spotify Playlists


With summer around the corner, this airy (and at times relaxing) Spotify playlist is great for creative work: writing, painting, taking photos and editing. What other creative tasks does your job or hobby require? Comment below!

Spotify Playlists

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