Upgrade Your Home With A Reading Chair

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As the temperature begins to drop, we can’t help but start to feel a little excited. Fall is finally upon us! That means sipping pumpkin spice lattes, watching reruns of your favorite shows, and crawling into bed to scroll through Instagram under a fluffy blanket! Basically, fall is the season of comfort, so it’s no surprise we gravitate to those lazy days at home.

Is your home not feeling cozy enough? Consider adding a reading chair! Nothing screams comfy fall afternoon than cozying up with your favorite book and a glass of wine. All it takes to create a reading nook is a designated space and any kind of chair that feels comfortable. It’s literally that simple! This is definitely a space that is worth your investment. After all, nothing says sophisticated more than a girl with a reading nook in her home.

So, then here’s the big question, “What if my house doesn’t have enough room for a reading chair?” Nonsense! We’ve got some home décor hacks that will make a reading nook possible for just about any space!

Reading Chair Next To The Bed

Have a little bit of room at the foot of your bed? Try adding a cute little chair. Add a couple of throw pillows and possibly a chest, and you have yourself the perfect small area to read. The nice thing about having your reading nook in your bedroom is that you have a private spot at home to read, and, nothing says cozy like spending a cold evening chilling out in your bedroom. Just turn on Spotify and select your favorite station to read to, get into comfy jammies, and kick back. When you start to feel drifting off, just climb on into bed.

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Reading Chair In Front Of The Window 

Chances are there is a window in your home screaming for attention. Why not spice up that unused space with a little flare by adding a chair as a statement piece. You really only need a chair here. No need to worry about adding a side table. Just use the window sill to house your glass of wine and your set to go. However, the addition of a set of drapes might just be the finishing touch that sets the whole look over the edge. Having a reading area in front of the window also allows for the utilization of natural light that comes in from the window to provide a clarifying and rejuvenated vibe for your afternoon reading session.

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Reading Chair In Front Of A Photo Wall

Have a wall in your home that lacks in the flare department? Try spicing it up with the addition of photos and a chair. For a relatively inexpensive hack, you can order some black and white prints and some basic photo frames and, BOOM! Photo wall. Slap a chair in front, and you have a comfy reading space, complete with pictures of your friends, family, and/or pets. Having this personalized nook in your house will create a space that screams you. Even if reading isn’t a part of your daily routine yet, you’ll still feel at home in this little space that you have created.

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Designated Reading Nook

Of course, there is always the option for those who want to go all out. Find an empty corner of your living room or bedroom and spice it up with an armchair, a floor lamp, and a cute little side table. There are so many different options here! Repurposed bookshelf plus a rocking chair, or maybe a beanbag chair and a magazine rack. Regardless of what design choice you make, now you really do have to read. You have the space for it. Or, use this space to kick back with a magazine or read online journals. The choice is really up to you. One thing that doesn’t change; however, is the sophisticated touch that you just added to your home!

As if you needed another reason to scroll through Pinterest, now you have some great starting points for your very own reading space at home. Use a reading nook to do homework, work on your creative writing, work from home, sit back and enjoy a glass of wine, or just plain read! The options are endless. The most important thing is that you have created a space in your home that adds personal flair and a touch of style. The best way to feel content spending a day in is creating an area that you are proud to call home!

Have fun, designers! And tag us in your reading nook projects #presentmarkhome

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