Last Minute Valentine’s Day DIYs

We’re here again. It’s that time of the year when we celebrate love, our BFFs, lips- and hearts- everything. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the wonderful people and express just how much they mean to you.

Chances are some of us (aka me) haven’t got anything Valentine’s Day related this year. Good news is that here’s the list of perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day DIYs you can make from what you already have at home. Making your own gift can save both time and money and is the best way to show how much you care. Check out these easy DIYs that you can make in no time.

Heart Shaped Sugar Cookies

Baking is always a sure way to show appreciation and love for that special someone. These sugar cookies call for simple ingredients, but the cute shapes and decadent icing takes them to the next level. Ge the recipe here.

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Lip Kissed Balloons

Instead of flowers, how about a bouquet of balloons covered in kisses? This eye-catching Lip Kissed Balloons idea is the perfect decor for home decor or Valentine’s Day party.

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Tassel Garland

Take your favorite paper and get crafty to create a decorative and festive garland to bring pink and red spirit into your home. Easily decorate a table, room, or office with a surprise and pop of color to celebrate the day.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Party

Mini Bottles Valentine’s Day Treats

Everything is cuter in miniature, and these tiny bottles filled with your favorite sweets are no exception. Customize the tag with love sayings and quotes that are personalized, and they’ll want to keep this gift long after the candies have been savored.

Oh Happy Day

Heart Shaped Wall Art

Heart-Shaped wall art made from simple wire and yarn looks fancy but is deceptively simple to make. Use bright colored yarn to make it pop against white walls and make sure to take a lot of photos with your friends to create new memories together.


Printable Donut Boxes

Toss some pastel paper into your printer and instantly create this box that can be folded up perfectly to hold a delicious treat inside. Choose your favorite saying to express the way you feel and how you love your SO just as much as donuts.

Bespoke Bride

Champagne Rose Ice Cubes

Combine a few flower petals from that bouquet of roses and put them in an ice cube tray of water. The result is floral and romantic ice cubes to decorate an ice bucket with champagne or add a pop of pink to a vase for an eye-catching centerpiece. If you’re not a champagne drinker, this Honey Ginger Mocktail does taste like a real deal!

Andee Layne

Heart Shaped Pillows

Make your own heart-shaped pillow with just foam and a festive fabric like this glittery gold one. These cute throw pillows can be used to decorate a bed or couch and are sure to start a conversation and have everyone talking.

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