The Only Lazy Girl Workout That Will Transform Your Life

Who hasn’t heard all about how different types of workouts are right for you? Barre, yoga, HITT, running, zumba.. you name it! The seriously underrated workout routine – walking – is lacking lots of attention here. As it’s one of the most effective, safe, easy workouts there is!

The coolest things about walking are that it’s free, it has no side effects, and its pace with intensity is entirely up to you. Depending on how you feel and what your goals are, walking can bring you different results. For example, you can either break a sweat by walking vigorously and choosing steep paths, or you can slow down, enjoy yourself and surroundings, and even meditate during your walk. If you haven’t already, here are the top reasons to make walking a part of your everyday conditioning routine.

Walking Helps You Sleep Better

Sleep scientists have found that getting a bit of brain exercise can lead to deeper sleep. All you have to do is walk around and observe your surroundings, preferably in an exciting environment. This should be enough to engage you without wearing you out and will ultimately help you have a better sleep later in the day.

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Walking Is Good For Your Heart

Walking is one of the best favors you can do for your heart. In fact, one study found that walking more than 4 hours a week may reduce the risk of being hospitalized for heart disease events. So all you have to do to live longer is put on your tennis shoes and go for a walk around the block.

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Walking Helps You Solve Problems

According to a recent study from Stanford University, regular walking increases creativity by 40-60% leading to our brain connecting the dots and seeing solutions to the problems that were not that clear at first. So whenever you’re stuck with creative ideas or ways of resolving an issue – try walking and you will feel that the mind has been cleared and new ideas have started to form.

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Walking Helps You Manage Weight

So you can keep treating yourself with your favorite snacks. Walking is a useful calorie burning exercise. It’s also a gateway exercise, meaning it’s one of the easy workouts and a great way to start moving more which leads to being more active over time. It also helps you shed fat and keep it off This can easily be achieved by implementing small changes into your daily routine like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Walking Prevents And Delays Diseases

Among the numerous benefits of walking, its effect on our bodies is remarkable. It aids metabolism, causing food to move faster through the digestive tract. Walking decreases blood sugar levels, delaying and preventing Type 2 Diabetes. Hitting a walk has also proven to stabilize blood pressure and prevent heart disease.

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Walking Does Make You Happier… YAY

The mood enhancing effects of walking is something you can feel right away. Feeling fierce, anxious, or plain bored? Just do yourself a favor: stand up, grab some water, and spend the next 15 minutes walking. You’ll come back only to feel a lot calmer, happier and energetic. Magic, right?

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Finally, walking is a simple way to improve nearly every aspect of your life. Not only can it make you healthier, but you’ll also look better, sleep better, and be more productive as a result. And while walking is something most of us do every day, now you have more reasons to increase your steps and reap the rewards of your efforts.

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